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Here at IdentityCrowd, we believe that the process of branding your business should be simple. Why wade through piles of concepts and request numerous rounds of edits when you can just buy the perfect, unqiue brand for your business?

We only allow the most incredible brands to be listed on IdentityCrowd, and all designs are fully vector and come with editable source (Adobe Illustrator) files.

But don't take our word for it, browse our collection of unqiue (each brand only sold once) designs and see for yourself!

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Apr 4: Climbing towards a thousand!

We were excited to see awesome brands start to be submitted to the site  just minutes after we went live, and we're getting even happier as we see more and more come in every day. We just passed the 250 mark and are getting ready to throw a party as soon as we hit a thousand. Keep in mind that we are only accepting around one in three brands, so that means we have had around 700 brands submitted so far, which we think is pretty awesome! Thank you to everyone that is working so hard to make this site a success!...

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